Danny takes you on a journey of self-awareness and assists you in finding your answers from within.

Todd R.
Land Survey Manager, SRP

Danny is an amazing Coach. Our senior management team truly enjoyed working with him. He coached our team and helped us align our priorities to become a more cohesive and productive team. Having the opportunity to evaluate our team through the Team Diagnostic tool gave us clarity as to where the team was before we started our journey to improve. Danny guided our work during our face-to-face sessions and helped us remain committed to the processes in between sessions.

Our team developed a clear work plan and we were able to improve significantly our team dynamics and interactions. As a team, we were able to improve significantly our team dynamics and interactions. At the end of the process were able to measure our improvement utilizing the Team Diagnostic tool and the Comparison Report.

We are now working on sustaining our progress and excited about the opportunity to continue to work with Danny in other leadership development strategies for our extended team.

Patricia P.
Chief Operating Officer, NHC

Thank you for facilitating the Staff Development Training we had in Sedona a few weeks back.

Being new to the group I felt the training really helped me learn more about the team, both on a professional and personal level. I enjoyed the way you lead the discussions and provided ample time for each team member to express their ideas and feelings. The Enneagram assessment was insightful for me and I anxious to see the final report.

I look forward to working with you in the upcoming trainings.
Chad P.
Practice Manager, NHC

Thank you once again for all that you have done for me. Your guidance has transformed me in more than one way and in ways I hadn’t imagined. Because of your work, I feel a bigger sense of optimism and hope for the future.
Carlos V.
Business Consultant

Danny is very deceptive in his effectiveness. He imparts great information with his  low-key style. I learned more from him in four hours than I have learned in all my years of schooling for communications.
Cathie B., City of Scottsdale
Communications Workshop Participant

I did learn a lot on Thursday and it was definitely my favorite session. I learned a lot about my “avoiding” self and skills that I need to work on. It was a very powerful day for me….THANK YOU!
Dr. P. Vargas, People of Color Network
Participant in Ascending Leader’s Program™

I just wanted to tell you-you did an awesome job! The time went by so fast it did not feel like 45 minutes. It was interesting information and presented in a manner that kept the listener curious, interested, laughing, and thinking about the expedition and all that went into successfully getting folks out of harm’s way.
Elisa de la Vara – District Director – Office of Congressman Ed Pastor

This coaching program has been instrumental and valuable for my own personal and professional growth.
S. Acosta – People of Color Network

Danny is a very relaxed, confident speaker and his philosophy is presented in an understandable manner that keeps you engaged. Thank you!
Mike F – The First Tee

I appreciate your time and all that you gave us – valuable help & support! I’ve never had a coach before, it was a great experience. Thank you!
Michelle G – ASU Student

The communications class has instilled a level of confidence in me I didn’t know I had. The techniques I’ve learned have already benefited me tremendously in my job. Thank you Transition Execs for helping me grow!
Lillian D.- Hopi Tribe Member

Crisis intervention doesn’t work: only Crisis CONTROL works. Believe me, as Governor I’ve been through many a crisis. There are only a few people who can fill in anytime, anywhere. A great CEO leaves, a top-level manager dies, a major department head gets a better offer – all create huge voids. You won’t find anybody better to fill the void, plug the holes, or cover the gap than Danny Valenzuela. Danny is smart and talented, savvy and quiet, bold and honest. I trust Danny to do a great job for two weeks or two years or until you find a qualified replacement.
Hon. Rose Mofford – Former Governor of Arizona

I’ve been wanting to get stronger in public speaking. Hearing Danny’s presentation now gives me the tools and confidence to be a better speaker
Secah S – The First Tee

I have worked with Danny Valenzuela as a management team running two major State Agencies. I would never be part of a management team without him. He has integrity, strength, and very good judgment. This is just the person you need as a transitional manager. He will get you where you need to be. I cannot say enough good things about Danny Valenzuela.
Catherine R. Eden, Director – Bob Ramsey Executive Education Program School of Public Affairs, Arizona State University

Danny Valenzuela is a top-notch administrator. His professional experience is diverse, allowing him to easily fit into any position, able to take charge, provide leadership and make decisions. In short, to describe Danny is to say that he is flexible, accountable and amiable. He considers how his decisions will impact both the workplace and the people who work there.
Luz Sarmina – President & CEO of Valle del Sol, Inc.

Your presentation to the ASBA Hispanic Native American Indian Caucus was exactly what we were looking for. Your perspective on the leadership qualities of Ernest Shackleton, and his Endurance expedition to Antarctica were directly related and applicable to the work of volunteer community servants such as these school board members. We received many comments complimenting your excellent presentation and inspirational story. Thank you for making this a very successful meeting.
Panfilo Contreras – Executive Director for Arizona School Boards Association, Inc.

I am so happy that you were able to share your leadership style with us on June 10th. The information you provided at our Brown Bag Lunch was extremely beneficial. We received a lot of positive feedback from those who attended.
Debbie Davenport – Auditor General for the State of Arizona

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your time and your expertise. You were just great the way you presented to the students and kept their attention the entire time!! The topic about leadership was fantastic, the role models and individuals you spoke about were very distinguished individuals from the community and back in time. Your interaction with the kids was priceless and I know that they learned so much from you and perhaps you probably saved one or a few from giving up on their education. Your encouragement was needed and for that I thank you.
Margaret Duran – Precision High School

Thank you for speaking at our Women’s Council of Realtors® business meeting. The information you shared about the ‘Characteristics of Leadership’ was not only very informative but very timely as well. We are at the time of year when we are accepting nominations for officers for our 2009 slate. The handout that you shared with a list of leadership characteristics was an excellent way to interact with our membership and to get them to become aware of what is expected of today’s leaders.
Patricia Fox ABR, MRE, GRI – NW Valley Women’s Council of REALTORS® 2008 Chapter President

He quickly volunteered to work with over 30 Latin ballplayers to develop their public speaking and self-presentation skills during our Instructional League Program in the Fall of 2006. I highly recommend Mr. Valenzuela as a trainer and mentor for those pursuing greater personal public presentation skills.
Timothy V. Hewes, MS, MFT – Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club Employee Assistance Program Coordinator

When you spoke to the group about leadership that comes from within, I could have heard a pin drop. All attention was riveted on you. After conducting the interviews with the 9 youths, your message was very well received.
Mary Lee – Madison Boys & Girls Club Volunteer

You know what I thought when I first heard you at the conference? If this guy was a preacher, I would go to his church. You are passionate and inspirational. I appreciate all that you do. How wonderful to have such a great impact on the people around you.
M. C. – Wellness Outreach Coordinator

Your story was fascinating and spell-binding and had us sitting on the edge of our chairs listening to it evolve. It contained many important lessons which will be of value to those of us who were fortunate enough to hear you speak. Your program provided great advice and hope for the future. Thank you for sharing the time and that wonderful story with us. We enjoyed the opportunity of learning from your coaching.
L. M. 2011-2012 President Elect IAAP AZ-NV-NM Division

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