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Are You a Panther, Peacock, Dolphin or Owl?

What’s your personality style? Your personality style has a big influence on where you want to go.  If you know who you are you can create a foundation that gives you focus and strength in challenging times.

There are four different personality styles.  While we have traits in each, we typically have one that emerges as dominate.  This style influences how you make decisions, deal with challenges, relate to people and brings out the best in you.  So which style do you represent, the Panther, Peacock, Dolphin or Owl?

The source of this article comes from the book Conquer Fear! By Lisa Jimenez, M. Ed.

Are you a Panther, Peacock, Dolphin or Owl?

Which one do you think describes you best?

The animal that describes me best is the:    _____________________

The other animal that describes me is the:   _____________________

The animal that describes me least is the:    _____________________

From the list below, select the ones that best describe you.

motivator, thorough, leader, entertainer, sequential, giver, risk-taker, colorful, detail-oriented, follower, focused, exciting, attention to detail, big thinker, quick-witted, outspoken, fun, peace-maker, analytical, giver, insightful, listener, slow to change, adventurous, methodical, introspective, orderly.

Of those you select, pick the top five words that best describe you.  Which animal best describes you?

Panther Peacock Dolphin Owl
motivator motivator peace-maker thorough
leader entertainer giver detail oriented
risk-taker colorful follower sequential
focused exciting insightful attention to detail
big-thinker quick-witted listener analytical
outspoken fun slow to change methodical
adventurous adventurous introspective orderly

Here are the descriptions of each:


Natural born leaders, great visionaries. Excel at the big picture and focused and decisive.  Bottom line thinkers who don’t want a lot of information that confuses or muddles a decision.  People oriented but occasionally lose patience with others.

Panthers often act before thinking things through.  They are goal oriented and often too bossy and don’t listen enough.  Panthers need help in keeping balance in their lives because they are so driven.  They are disciplined and work hard.

The panther’s greatest value is productivity.


Peacock personalities are natural socialites, meet people easily and love to have fun and create a happy environment.  Peacocks love big events and are the life of the party, being comfortable being the center of attention.  They handle chaos well and look at it as an adventure.

Peacocks are not great listeners and need to work on letting others tell their story.  They can be disorganized, misplace items and lack focusing on details.  They are willing to learn and enjoy challenges and risk-taking.

The peacock’s greatest value is fun.


The dolphin personality is a natural giver, great listeners and loyal friends.  They value being a part of a team. Dolphins are service-minded but their greatest challenge is not ministering to themselves.

Dolphins don’t like change but can tolerate it if it helps the team.  They are slow decision makers but stick to their decisions, once made.

The dolphin’s greatest value is relationships.


The owl personality pays attention to detail, preferring tasks over people.  They enjoy working or playing alone.  They are incredibly observant, independent thinkers and prefer behind – the scenes tasks. Owls don’t share their feelings easily.

Owls don’t like change nor do they handle it well.  They are very detail-oriented.  They don’t’ speak a lot, but when they do they speak wisely.

The owl’s greatest value is security.

There is pride and freedom that goes with knowing who we are and that we were not meant to have all strengths.  We have something to offer with our gifts, but must understand that we also have limitations and voids.

When we under that we all have different personalities, we can be true to ourselves and not try to be something we are not.

A coach can help you identify your strengths and build on that foundation to make you a better person.

Take care.


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