Apr 122011

INTUITION: Seeing With Your Heart

How many times did you “go for it,” or maybe “didn’t go for it” because something just didn’t feel right? We don’t always see everything in a clear and focused way, and even an Optometrist cannot help us see it clearer. Sometimes we continue to probe an idea or action to see whether we feel we have all the information necessary to proceed or suspend an action.

Occasionally we have to go beyond our traditional five basic senses and go with our “gut feeling.” This “gut feeling” is really the powerful sixth sense called “intuition.” Intuition is about connecting with your heart as well as your head.

Neuroscientists have identified an enteric nervous systems in the human gut, confirming that intelligence is not housed in the brain alone. These transmitters, which connect the two systems, are called peptides and match the brain-cell receptors. You may have experienced this when you listen to reason and at the same time want to heed your inner voice. Doing both of these together is one of the challenges we face in our work and personal lives. Many times it takes great courage to know and do things you can’t totally explain.

You probably know it as “a mother’s intuition.” Somehow moms just seem to know what to do when something was wrong. Some call it a feeling and can appear as a pit of fear in your stomach. How you handle those intuitions and what you do with them can make all the difference in making a decision. Some people are not confident enough to follow their instincts. Some people will go against all odds on intuition and be right every time.

Self-trust can be harder than trusting others and yet much more valuable to cultivate. We accomplish the most by believing in ourselves and trusting our intuition.

I learned in my coach training that accessing and speaking my intuition with my clients was essential to being a great coach. One of the coaching competencies of the International Coach Federation is Coaching Presence – Ability to be fully conscious and create spontaneous relationship with the client, employing a style that is open, flexible, and confident. A sub-category of Coaching Presence is the coach “accesses own intuition and trusts one’s inner knowing – “goes with the gut”. When we use our intuition in coaching we demonstrate a different way of knowing that cannot be explained logically or rationally, and we give ourselves permission to express what ‘popped up’ during the coaching conversation without wasting time analyzing our thoughts and perhaps skipping over something important. Some coaches call this “dancing in the moment,” letting the music (conversation) take you where your heart leads.

Where does intuition come from? In the book Emotional EQ, by Robert Cooper Ph.D and Ayman Sawaf, they wrote: “In truth, all of the experiences you’ve acquired in your life and work are not sterile facts stacked on shelves, but are emotionally laden memories that are stored in the brain. The sum total of those experiences, your life wisdom, doesn’t present itself to you as a clean, edited list of ‘important things that matter’ but instead as instantaneous hunches, as the sum total of gut feelings.”

Intuition appears in everyday interactions of all kinds. The next time your “gut” tells you to do or say something, remember; you simply may be seeing it with your heart. If you intuition tells you it’s time to think about talking to a coach help you overcome some of the obstacles in your work or life, go for it, contact me.

Trust your intuition


 it will serve you well.

Have a great month and I hope we can talk soon. Take Care.


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