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You will benefit from a taste of fundamental practices of leadership, and becoming an effective leader. Especially valuable to new, aspiring, and individuals who want to enhance their leadership skills.

Taste a flavor of ideas, experiences, readings, and observations on leadership, coaching, and life, with valuable thoughts, insights, ideas, and some tools on leadership that can be useful in improving employees, organizations, and ourselves.

The twenty topics are:

  • Ubuntu, Ubuntu, Ubuntu! A Cinco de Mayo Message
  • Meet Your Gremlin
  • Seeing with Your Heart
  • Learning is More Important
  • To Cherish Our Desire with Anticipation is Hope
  • Are You Communicating or Just Talking?
  • The Six Suitcases You Carry in Life
  • Is it Conflict or Constructive Discontent?
  • Think Small, Be Small, Think Big, Be Confident
  • If You Lead Them They Will Follow
  • How do You Deal with Ambiguity?
  • Effective Communication Reduces Workplace Stress
  • Thrive or Die on Your Company’s Culture
  • What is the Focus of Your Daily Routine?
  • What Will People Say About You When You Leave the Room?
  • What is the Culture of Your Organization?
  • Can Emotional Intelligence Make Us Smarter Than Intellect Alone?
  • Does Being in a Position of Leadership Make You a Leader?
  • What is the Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself?
  • Authentic Leader

Join the many individuals who have benefited from its contents and who appreciate what it has to offer.

It makes a great gift for family members, friends, employees, or someone who aspires to improve their leadership skills.

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