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Coaching is evolving from the locker room to the board room. Executives, business owners and nonprofit leaders all face hurdles in their work or personal environment. Much like a sports coach helps athletes perform well, an executive/business coach can help executives, valued employees, business owners or non-profit executives succeed. Sports coaches don’t perform for the athlete and neither does an executive coach. Coaches employ their skills to make sure the client learns in their particular environment.

Some of our coaching programs include: Group Coaching, Laser Coaching, Month-to-Month Coaching, Three Month Coaching, Six Month Program and VIP Retainer Coaching.

Learn more about executive coaching or team coaching.

Team Coaching

Utililizing the Enneagram and the Team Diagnostic we measure the team’s strengths so that the team can identify and take actions to achieve sustainable intended results having a correlation to the bottom line. Once strengths are measured and revealed, the can can identify and take actions that move them toward High Positivity and High Productivity.

Leadership Development

Developing leaders is a process that takes time and effort. It’s not just a few days and then you’re on your own. When we provide leadership development, it is a long-term commitment – one that has a lasting impact on the individual and the organization.

The Ascending Leader’s Program equips managers and potential leaders with the decision-making and implementation skills they need to excel as multifaceted leaders. Participants will emerge better equipped to take on greater cross-functional responsibilities and ultimately drive performance throughout the organization.

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