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Workshop Presentation for Ascending Leader's Program ™

Workshop Presentation for Ascending Leader’s Program ™

You can’t always hire the best, but you can hire those who want to be the best, and give them the tools to succeed. Those tools include coaching and leadership development. Successful businesses owners and corporate CEOs know that investing in the next generation of leadership is critical to sustaining a competitive advantage and achieving long-term sustainability and success. Designed to enhance the skills of managers and aspiring leaders, The Ascending Leader’s ProgramTM is an investment in the next generation.

The complete program consists of twelve modules delivered in three full-day workshops, each scheduled ninety days apart to provide participants time to implement the skills and tools learned. It also includes two assessments and six integrated personal coaching sessions.


We come to you! If your organization includes a minimum of six individuals with a desire to benefit from the program, I can come to your office and deliver in-house.


Module #1 – Understanding Your Personality:  Personality consists of a person’s habitual behaviors, i.e. a person’s type and influences. Understanding the nine personality types can help you recognize human nature, underlying attitudes, conscious and unconscious motivations, and emotional reactions. Results – You will gain a basic understanding of your personality type and features of your personality that are invisible to you. When you recognize personality within yourself and those close to you, you wield a powerful tool to help you lead more effectively, develop employees, and build cohesive teams.

Module #2 – Finding the Balance in Life: When you do not pay enough attention to important areas of your life, you tend to find yourself “out of balance.” Results – You will identify the eight areas of your life that provide balance, including those that need more attention.

Module #3 – The Coaching Process: Coaching will help you meet the challenges of change and the challenges of the future, leading to personal excellence and business success. Results – You will discover what coaching is. In the process, you will learn what is necessary in a coaching relationship and how it can benefit you.

Module #4 – Effective Feedback: Feedback can motivate the receiver to begin, continue, or stop behavior that affects performance. Results- You will learn critical steps that make feedback effective and develop skills to give constructive feedback, increasing effectiveness with others.

Module #5 – Effective Communication: The ability to communicate effectively is necessary for any leader or potential leader in an organization. Results – You will explore nine key elements to becoming a better communicator, including exercises to help build confidence and effectiveness.

Module #6- Developing Confidence: Explore the areas that deal with your self-awareness of judgment, ability, and power. Results – You will learn to recognize negative voices that hold you back and discover how to take necessary action to build and radiate self-confidence.

Module #7 – Developing Credibility: Discover the values or characteristics you look for and admire in a leader. Results – You will look at the characteristics and learn to demonstrate consistent and clear behaviors that will enable you to apply them in your everyday life.

Module #8 – Understanding Ethical Behavior: Uncover the fundamental principles of right and wrong, the moral consequences, the values that govern individuals, agencies, governments, and society’s ethical challenges that are all around you. Recognizing how you handle them is important to the very survival of your organization. Results – You will focus on the basic principles of ethical behavior and participate in exercises designed to challenge how you view them.

Module #9 – Delegating: Recognize how a delegation system can clarify expectations up front, provide an opportunity for input, and include flexibility to allow for mid-course corrections and reworking plans if necessary. Results – You will assist in developing a delegation system that allows freedom and accountability.

Module #10 – Managing Conflict: Conflict is a natural part of your interaction with others. It is not about being right or wrong. Rather, it is about understanding that there will be differences and learning how to appreciate and acknowledge them. Results – You will learn your conflict style and the most appropriate method to apply in different confrontational situations.

Module #11 – Improving Productivity: Improving organizational skills does come naturally. Managing your time effectively can help you accomplish more with less stress. Result – You will learn how to gain better control of your time, minimize distractions, control emails, and manage your to-do list so you can be more productive, minimize stress, and improve your quality of life.

Module #12 – Touching Your Tomorrow: The life you live is the legacy you leave, at work and in your private life. The way you live and work today can influence that legacy. Results – You will start building your legacy and learn how to live your life to leave the legacy you want.



1.  Enneagram Assessment: The Enneagram (pronounced ANY-a-gram) was designed to help us understand dominate personality types. It explains why you behave the way you do and points to specific directions for personal growth that can help you grow your business as well.

2. The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Diagnostics: The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Diagnostics was designed to dramatically improve how people and organizations manage conflict and change. It helps us identify your conflict style and ways you can use different styles to satisfy your agenda, relationship, or both.

Personal Coaching:

Each participant receives two personal coaching sessions after each workshop. The design of the coaching supports the participants in implementing the tools and skills learned in the workshops, focusing on their individual development. Participants who want to continue the coaching after the program can select from a menu of coaching options.


We can customize the program to meet your organizational needs and to fit your budget. Module 1, Understanding Your Personality, is the only required module. Additional modules can be substituted or added to meet your needs.

For information on how to make the Ascending Leader’s ProgramTM available to your organization, contact us at 602-774-2005 or danny@transitionexecs.com.


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