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There is nothing better than a talented team pulling together in one direction, accomplishing great things for your organization. If you don’t have a well-functioning team, you simply have a group of people who work in isolation with no input from other team members, little collaboration, and a loss of opportunities to learn from each other and from their experiences.

Teams produce results that individuals simply can’t acting alone. Today’s workplace is a maze of nested teams with pressure to form, perform and reform at an astonishing rate. However, it takes time to build a well-functioning team, certainly longer than managing one person at a time. Once you’ve brought a well-functioning team together, it is easier to build sustained capability to perform and maximize strengths while covering individual weaknesses. In addition, you will have more time to work on other priorities because your team members will be helping each other.

Our Team Coaching Program utilizes The Team Diagnostic™ – a product of Team Coaching International. It is a state-of-the-art instrument based on the latest work in Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, changed management and team researching conducted at leading universities.

CompetenciesIn this model, team strengths are measured and revealed, and the team can begin to identify and take actions that move them toward High Productivity and High Positivity. This process equips the team to achieve sustainable intended business results having a direct correlation to the bottom line.

Once strengths are measured and revealed, the team can begin to identify and take actions that move them toward High Positivity and High Productivity.

The Team Diagnostic™ provides a baseline for your team and a map for moving forward. In the end it is the team that will decide the course of action for the next phase of the journey.

The Model

Productivity Strengths support the team achieving results, accomplishing tasks, staying on course to reach objectives. Positivity Strengths focus on the team interrelationships between team members and the spirit or tone of the team as a system.

The results of the Team Diagnostic™ reveal a portrait of the team as it is today, and as the team perceives itself. No matter the scores, every team has strengths to acknowledge and lean into as the team addresses its needs and opportunities for ongoing development. The Team Diagnostic™ provides multiple views of the team created from the data collected. Each view adds to the total picture of the team; the different layers allow the team to mine deeply from the instrument.

The Quad Diagram. The “Footprint”

The QuaQuad Diagramd Diagram shows the range of the highest and lowest scores on statements in the diagnostic. Productivity on one axis and Positivity on the other. The box created by the results show the orientation for the team on this matrix.

The Polar Diagram

The Polar Polar DiagramDiagram provides a composite view of the team using scores from seven Productivity Strength and Seven Positivity Strengths. The team can see the strongest and weakest areas and the potential for improvement.

Other Metrics

Since individuOther Metricsals comprehend results in different ways, the report also provides the ratings in Bar Charts, ranked in order from highest to lowest score. Tables are also included that shows the five items receiving the highest team score and lowest score in both Productivity and Positivity. Anonymous answers to Open-Ended Questions are included so that the team can hear from individual voices.

For information on how to improve Productivity and AuthorizationPositivity on your team conditions, contact us at 602-568-5759 or, Authorized Facilitators of the Team Diagnostic™.

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