Nov 082011

To Cherish Our Desire with Anticipation is to Hope

We often think that when we accomplish something it was done because of hard work, intelligence and sometimes luck. Many times, we don’t realize that it was our original dream that gave rise to our vision and hard work to pursue that dream. People who hope are sometimes called dreamers. Leaders who help other people realize their dreams, to reach their goals and to do things they sometimes didn’t think they could are called “dream-makers.” A critical role of leadership is to recognize the dreams of those you lead and inspire them to achieve their visions, their dreams.

A LEADER IS A DEALER IN HOPE – Napoleon Bonaparte

I was recently asked by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Phoenix to coach three refugees who were starting a new life. The IRC helps refugees thrive in the country that gave them sanctuary and a new beginning. These individuals are hoping to fulfill their dreams of business ownership. I never asked why these individuals were refugees in our country; it doesn’t matter, I only know that they hope for a better life than they had left behind.

What was obvious to me is the desire they have to be successful. They are working hard: long hours every day, fueled by the power of belief, imagination, and will. They are hopeful of a better future, grateful for the opportunity to realize their dream and find a way out of their current dilemma.

Many of my coaching clients are trying to make a positive change in their lives, their jobs, their careers, or their businesses. Their hope is to become better leaders, better managers, better problem solvers, and the type of individuals that people want to follow. It is not easy to separate our personal lives from our work lives, nor do we always want to. They are interchangeable. What affects one affects the other, no matter how hard we try to keep them separate. What is happening in our work environment impacts our home environment, and vice versa.

My most productive work with clients is with those who are hopeful, willing, and courageous. They know they can be successful but need the skills of a coach to meet the challenges of change and the challenges of the future. I help them achieve personal excellence and business success while assisting them to maintain integrity to their values and beliefs.

Even Coaches have hope. I do. I hope to train high potential leaders to become fit leaders; to lead with clarity, confidence, effectiveness, and vitality. That is why I strived to earn my designation as a Certified Leadership Fitness Coach. I accomplished that, but I ‘m not stopping there. I am pursuing my goal of conducting Institute for Leadership Fitness™ Workshops (see below). It’s the first of what I hope will be many more.

I don’t have the workshop filled yet, I am working on it. With the help of former employees, friends and believers who know my work ethic and background, some are already signed up for the next Phoenix class. It is not too late for you register or register a valued employee. This will be a small, but powerful program. The workshops will grow in number: I am already planning the next cohort for early 2012.

Hopeful leaders know it takes courage to turn the unbelievable into the expected. Being hopeful is being human. It is about being able to see with your heart and moving forward in the face of uncertainty toward the future; to go after it and not wait for it to come to you. Hope is about learning to believe.

We cannot mistake hope for optimism. Optimists expect things to turn out for them without any effort. Pessimists assume all is doomed and there is nothing to be done except spread despair while there is still time.

Hope is based on uncertainty because we do not know what will happen next. But the real place for hope is in the possibility we possess for acting, changing, and mattering.

The Merriam-Webster definition of “hope” is to cherish a desire with anticipation. Saying that – I hope to see a few of you in the next Phoenix workshop where you will learn new tools associated with each of the four dynamic qualities of leadership fitness: clarity, confidence, effectiveness, and vitality.

Take care and do not lose hope,


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